Hippocrates is a professional pharmaceutical and medical refrigerator. Products which can be stored include medications and live virus vaccines as well as blood and other human liquids. All can be stored at temperatures between 0°C and 15°C. Units are equipped with sophisticated performance and control software system with temperature limit adjustment, historical data storage and alarms. Hippocrates is developed in 3 sizes (Models 400, 250 and 100), all available in full and glass door version.


Waste Cooler is a device for cooling waste, designed to prevent unpleasant odors and simplify the waste management process.

Equipped with a practical ramp with a magnetic holder that makes it easier to insert the bucket into the cooling chamber. The lid with a gas shock absorber ensures easy insertion of waste into the bin.

The cooling unit is mounted on the right side, and by cooling, it slows down the decomposition of waste and reduces the unpleasant odors that are released in the process.

The Waste Cooler is an indispensable tool for commercial and industrial environments that want efficient and hygienic waste cooling.