Safety at work is organized and carried out with the aim of ensuring working conditions deprived of danger to life and health for all employees with the aim of preventive and timely avoiding accidents and injuries at work, including occupational and other illness and mitigating their consequences. Systematic safety at work is performed due to human and economic reasons.

Protection as a mandatory part of the working culture

Safety at work is an integral part of the organization and execution of all procedures in production and as such it is mandatory part of work culture. All employees are trained to work in a safe manner. Responsible parties for improving safety are everyone, starting with and the employer's and occupational safety and health personnel to employees, primarily working in manufacturing facilities.

Multiple damage

In order to detect and eliminate the damage and dangers which threaten the life and health of personnel at work, determined are protection measures, policies and procedures.

Incidents and occupational diseases, causing serious damages to the employee:

  • in business: reduced employee efficiency, changing the organization of work, additional running costs and decrease in product quality,
  • for employees and their families: reduced social and material security, psychological stability and general health of the individual and the family.
  • in the community: additional involvement of health, social burden and pension funds, the issuance for additional infrastructure, and the engagement of humanitarian and social organizations

Improving working conditions

With constant monitoring, measuring and improving we make great efforts and resources in the development and application of new technologies, machinery and equipment other than production-technological progress and increased productivity, good conditions of safety at work. Depending on workplace specification and according to risk assessment, it is made acquisition of high-quality protective equipment. With the constant improvement of working conditions, particular attention is paid to compliance with international standards, and applicable statutes and regulations in the field of safety and security at work.